Kamoefleer Wapen EP. (Camouflage Weapon) brings together Vidrio (Alex Lugo) & Gosub (Shad T. Scott) Rare Release

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Kamoefleer Wapen EP. (Camouflage Weapon) brings together Vidrio (Alex Lugo) one half of Detroit’s most mysterious groups Ultradyne (Pi Gao Movement) and Miami’s Gosub (Shad T. Scott) (Abstract Forms/Frustrated Funk) for a very limited release of 300 hand numbered units on special mix colored vinyl. On the a-side Vidrio provides a vocal version of “Excelsior” with his trademark dark & tough sounds and a very addictive male/female vocals. For the b-side Gosub provides us with “I Know You Know” a laid-back track with his trademark low-slung baselines, smooth pads, and eerie male/female vocals. This release is not for the faint at heart and not one to miss.

Released by: Isophlux Records
Release/catalogue number: ISO-031EP
Release date: Jun 14, 2012

Gosub Remix for AUX88

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Checkout the Gosub remix for Detroit’s AUX88:

Gosub Live – 7-9-11 Key West

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Travel down 90 miles off the coast of Cuba to the island of Key West for a rare special layback ~ down tempo live set by Gosub (Dcast Dynamics). Collaborating with longtime didgeridoo artist Madek for two sets mixing the ancient instruments with future. So escape your everyday grind for a weekend in the tropics and sound experiments.

Artist Exhibits by:

Mike Irwine
Elise Kaufmann
Dan Vagnoni

Time: 8pm – 12am
The Porch
429 Caroline Street
Key West, FL

Gosub – “Touch Screen Terrorist Ep.” Limited Vinyl Release on Abstract Forms UK.

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New Gosub release coming soon on Abstract Forms.

Dcast Dynamics Video Shot in China for “The Lights Still Glow”

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Gosub “Night Mal’ach Ep” Now Released in Digital Format

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Gosub returns to Isophlux after 10 years of no activity on the label. To welcome the return of this project back to it’s initial output outlet. We our offering a rare out of print re-release of Gosub’s 2007 limited 500 copy release “Night Mal’ach’ from Miami’s Transient Force. Shad T. Scott aka Gosub focuses on the signature, dark melodies and moody sounds that characterize electro. He cleverly composes an extremely catchy record, while maintaining the raw analogue sound and sensibility of a seasoned veteran. With the release of this classic EP Gosub also offers us a extra track “Avoid” special release version. Gosub also works with labels such as Citinite, Frustrated Funk, Point One and more.. Night Mal’ach derives from the Semitic consonantal root l-‘-k (- ל-אך), meaning “to send”. This root is attested in Hebrew only in this noun and in the noun “Melakha” ( מְלָאכָה ), meaning “work”. The term “Mal’ach” therefore simply means one who is sent, often translated as “messenger” when applied to humans; for instance, “Mal’ach” is the root of the name of the prophet Malachi, whose name means “my messenger”, even though he is not considered an “angel” in the classic sense.

Preview and buy at Clone Digital

Dcast Dynamics New Album “Vile Vortices” Out Now May 5th 2011

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Dcast Dynamics “Vile Vortices”

Vile Vortices” is the debut full length album by Dcast Dynamics. After a string of 12” singles on respected labels such as Clone’s Frustrated Funk imprint and Southern Outpost Records, Miami electro producer Shad T.
Scott known best for his Gosub project decided to build a full length album dedicated to the vile vortices of the world.
Dcast Dynamics new album “Vile Vortices” is a dive deep into the true DNA of pure electro. Drained away are any breaks and robot droid rumblings found in the majority of electro today. What you get is the pure essence of analog melodies of songs like “The Light Still Glows” backed by D.D.’s trademark TR-808 beats of “Sea Wolf” and understated low swung basslines of “Other Times” to drive you along the darker paths of “Vile Vortices”.
Vile Vortices is a term referring to twelve geographic areas that are alleged by Ivan Sanderson to have been the sites of
mysterious disappearances.Sanderson asserts that twelve “vortices” are situated along particular lines of latitude.
The best known of the so-called “vortices” is the Bermuda Triangle. Others include Algerian Megaliths to the south of Timbuktu, the Indus Valley in Pakistan, especially the city of Mohenjo Daro, Hamakulia Volcano in Hawaii, the “Devil’s Sea” near Japan and the South Atlantic Anomaly. Five of the vortices are on the same latitude to the south of the equator; five are on the same latitude to the north. The other two are the north and south poles.
Since 1994 Isophlux has been brining great releases from artist like Lusine, Jimmy Edgar, and Gosub. So enjoy the release listener.

Preview “The Lights Still Glow” from Dcast Dynamics “Vile Vortices”


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