Long Over Due New Isophlux Records Website Up In BETA Formation

September 24, 2016 § Leave a comment

Isophlux Logo
The long over due Isophlux Record site is not up in BETA formation with plans to have the mobile version up in late October 2016. The new site brings a more centralize social media architecture allowing for the latest activities from artist and their to be presented in one place. The site also keeps users up to date on live events local to the South Florida as well as global events related to Isophlux or it’s artist. Future enhancments to the site will be a improved on-line shop for digital and physical sales as well as a more dynamic artist and lable discography powered by Discogs.com. We are excited to have a new site that allows us better comunications on our activities with Isophlux releases and the artist we represent. More to come…

New Activity Started

September 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

Isophlux has new concepts coming soon from Gosub and Dcast Dynamic projects. To build off of these new concepts we needed to refresh the page to provide a new landing platform for the latest news and activities. The new http://www.isophlux.net site will provide details on future shows, releases, legacy, and more. We are excited about this new movement as we enter 2017.